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New Mom? You may need physical therapy

If you recently had a baby, then you know that pregnancy and childbirth exacted an enormous toll on your body. Yes, the process is beautiful and transforming, but if you do not get the emotional and physical support that you need, its effects can be devastating for you. If you have given birth, then you should try physical therapy, because without it you will find difficult to stay strong and heal. Therapists state that every woman should benefit from physical therapy. There is a field of physical therapy specialized in women’s health, and if you did not know of its existence you should ask your doctors more about it. If you book an appointment at a center specialized in physical therapy in Encinitas, then you will find that they have a therapist dedicated to help you get your body back after birth. Physical therapists in women’s health can treat numerous issues, as incontinence, back and pelvic pain, and other similar ailments. Here are some reasons why you should have physical therapy.


You will be able to manage urinary incontinence

After giving birth the majority of women face with a disturbing issue, they suffer from urinary incontinence. If you had multiple children, or you are obese, then the risk of suffering from this issue is four times higher than for other women. And even if you do not have a child, the risk of incontinence increases with age. However, you will need no drugs or surgery for dealing with this issue, because there are studies that show that physical therapy can help. In addition, this type of therapy is effective in strengthening the pelvic muscles.

Physical therapy prevents pelvic pain and scar tissue adhesions

More and more women deal with pelvic pain after they give birth, especially if they had a C-section. If you do not get help after you give birth, you may experience a lot of pain due to your C-section. Scarring is a natural part during the healing process, but if you leave the C-section to heal on itself, then you may experience permanent pain. Unabated scarring leads to low back pain, painful intercourse, and sexual dysfunction. So you should talk with a therapist to see how they can help you improve your state.

You will be able to manage low back pain

More than 80% of the population suffer from low back pain, but the percentage is higher in the case of pregnant women. A physical therapist can help you determine what the cause of your low back pain is, and how it occurs. They can help you deal with this condition both during and after pregnancy. They will design you a program that will include Pilates, yoga, massage therapy, aquatic therapy, electrotherapies and therapeutic exercises. You should know that not all the pain is caused by your pregnancy, so it is recommended to talk with a specialist if you notice that you feel discomfort in this area. You should communicate with your doctor, and follow their instructions, because this is the only way you will be able to deal with this period.

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