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Attributes to look for in your physical therapist in Haymarket

Physical therapy is a highly efficient and beneficial form of treatment that many patients resort to if they suffer from chronic pain, if they want to recover faster after an injury, surgery or even heart attack. However, selecting the right therapist seems like a challenging task today due to the fact that the number of those providing physical therapy Gainesville VA services has significantly increased lately. Here are some essential attributes you should look for in your future therapist in order to benefit from the best results.


Vast knowledge in the field

Obviously, you want to be treated by an expert in physical therapy who knows exactly what to do in order to meet your expectations. This is one of the aspects you have to pay attention to when you search for a therapist. It is recommended you either ask the therapist about his or her experience and knowledge in the field, or you read more about them on their website or review sites.


Another important quality every physical therapist should have is patience. Considering that everyone is different in their own way, a therapist should keep calm and should adapt their techniques and exercises to each and every individual in order to provide top quality services and obtain the desired results.

Communication and interpersonal skills

A therapist should have great communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills. This is because they have to make themselves understood against patients and to keep the latter ones updated with their health condition. Many people who come to physical therapy sessions find a counsellor in their therapist and start discussing with them their life problems, looking for solutions. In such moments, the main quality a therapist needs to have is empathy and should know what to say to their patients in order to encourage them get over their painful and difficult moments a lot easier.


Although they show empathy and listen to their patients’ problems, this does not mean the therapists should get too close to those people. It is recommended to keep distance and to be professional during the entire therapy process.


Another attribute that physical therapists must have is flexibility. It may happen sometimes for the computer to crash, for goniometers to break or for patients to be late for their therapy sessions. In such situations the specialist needs to adapt quickly and efficiently so that they are still able to provide services of the highest quality.

Great observational skills

The statement “you see, but you do not observe” must not be a physical therapist’s motto, but on the contrary. A specialist in this domain should be able to see beyond the injury the patient suffered, as this will help the former one to identify problems easier, faster and with higher level of accuracy. The next step in this process is to find the perfect solution for them.

All things considered, these are some of the essential attributes you are recommended to look for in your future physical therapist.